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    Exclamation INjection Question important!**

    i got new pinz the other day and i did another Inject, now i got 22g 5/8in pinz is that ok to Inject into my delts without a problem? Also im taking 60mg of fina EOD. is that a good amount? Im also alternating arms with IN times, what are the rules with that? should i add a quad IN?

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    Quads and glutes are all I run. Quads 1inch 23g Glutes 1.5 23g

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    I Have Used 22g-25g And 1"-1.5" On Glute,delt,quad. Never Had A Problem. You Should Be Fine. I Seriously Thought I Would Hit Bone With 1.5 In The Delt But Went Ok. Always Use 1' 25g. For Everything Now. Just Easier On The Bod With Multiple Injections.

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    You can use a 22G on your delts, but it is going to be a b*tch! Should use a 25G with the delts and you won't feel nothing.

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    That's kinda short. Also kinda big, for delts. Go with a 23 or 25ga... I like a 25. Use 1" or longer... but of course no need to stick every millimeter in there... just go deep enough to be well into the muscle. 5/8 is really short, unless you are very very lean.

    Try the 60mg of fina ED. If you don't notice any side effects after a couple of weeks, try to bump it up, up to a max of maybe 75mg ED. If sides become a prob, reduce slightly. Funny thing about tren is it seems in most users to not be very effective at doses that don't give any side effects at all. Very narrow window of dose effectiveness.. too little and no gains. Too much and sides are crazy. The two extremes can be very close to one another... like 15 or 20mg difference. ED will generally give you less sides and enable you to use a slightly higher averaged dose. IOW 75mg/ED might be easier to tolerate than 100mg/EOD.

    Fina's weakness is also its strength... the short ester necessitates frequent injections, like ED, but also since it has a short half life, side effects can quickly be brought under control with a reduction in dosage. Take advantage of this characteristic, and put some care and attention into optimizing your dose, and you will get the best bang for the buck.

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