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    what does ur average cycle consist of???

    if you gott a sec tell me what ur average cycle looks like heres myne

    week 1-12 4cc of test E
    week 8-12 50mg of winny ED
    week 14-15 200 mg clomid
    week 15-16 100 mg clomid
    week 16-18 50 mg clomid

    whadya think too much too little its my 3rd cycle and im 5'11" at about 190 and 9% body fat post yours and ur stats if u gott the time thanx all

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    if you want to cut i say go with prop less water retention or you just using the winny to end the cycle?

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    never done anything else but test, come september im running 500mgs/wk of test e and 400mgs/wk of eq and ill prolly through in some var the last 5wks or so at 50mgs ed, ive never ran test higher than 400mgs so this should be a fun cycle for me lol

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