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Thread: test and libido

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    test and libido

    My first cycle I did, 25d-bol for 2 weeks then bumped it up to 50mg a day, 500sust moved it up to 750 sust a week deca at 400mgs a week,and I did tren in there for about 3 weeks at 150 figuring a day, and it totally killed my sex drive, and gave me limp dick easily. After stopping it I still had 3 weeks or so of the test and my sex drive still wasnt there what happened, I am working off the cycle now and it is better than when I was on. My second cycle I am gonna do omna because I still have about 19amps but I also wanna throw in some extra test, prop because everyone says its the best for sex drive, so I will total out at 750a week of test but I am also going to throw in 500mg of eq a week and the last 6 weeks I will throw in winny at 50mg a day. My question is do you think that the old libido should be better on this cycle than the first because its so not worth working on a good body if you cannot have sex with beautiful women because you cannot keep it hard?

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    fina is the culprit. here is a link regarding prolactin

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