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Thread: best protein?

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    best protein?

    this might be a stupid question, but i wanted to ask what the best kind of prtein was to build mass.....i ve been eating chicken and turkey.. also shakes and bars... but whats kind of meat is the best is red meat better then chicken and turkey for mass.....

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    that question would belong in one of two places..nutrition forum or by the way u have the subject it looks like a supplement forum question...however any meat is gonna be high in protein but low in carbs, so to build mass you also need carbs and calories (fruits, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, etc)...but they say red meat is best for protein, i personally worship chicken breasts

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    low carb one, AST vanilla VP2

    that shit is fucking great, mixes like sugar and water, I personaly thought it worked a bit better than others I've tried. An the taste is almost addicting. Im ordering some as soon as i get some more money.

    I also take mammoth 2500 for a weight gainer. (taste is so so)

    I hear N-Large 2 wild berry flavour is great also (taste wise)

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