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    Drug Test please help

    My girlfriend is fixxing to start her new job as a Physical Therapist in about a month. She has not taken anything in about 2 years so we know that there is nothing in her system right now. But she is wanting to start a winny only cycle for 40 day at .5mL every day. She has to take a piss test before she starts. The catch is, 6 years ago when she was 19 she had a DUI and therefore she has to take a drug test once a month for the next two years. Yea sucks doesn't it. And has to pay for it herself on top of that. I know that she should wait till she takes at least the first drug test before she starts the winny. When do you think it would be safe for her to start juicing, if it even is. From what I understand drug test for steroids are alot more expensive, and I would think that they would not test for them since she has to pay for it out of her own pocket.

    Thanks for all of the help it is greatly appreciated.

    Good Luck Bro's

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    lol im not telling :D
    unless they specifically check for juice WHICH THEY DONT she will be fine.. i took a test a few back in the military and was/is on prop/tren /eq and im ok! didnt test positive

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