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    juice at the gym

    How many of u guys have been approached at the gym asking to get sauce or where they can get it and what is ur normal answer?

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    I never buy from a gym source. I never acknowledge that I use or have ever used gear. I never talk to anyone who asks me about gear. I used to, but not any more. Now, I seldom even go into a gym. The only gyms within walking distance are (1) a gay gym that charges too much, just because there are 4 floors above the weight room where they can go do their things and do each other's things, and (2) a very old, very upper crust "athletic club" that charges more than I pay for electric and gas in a month, and an initiation fee that is more than my rent at the last place I lived. I train at home, now, and at work. A simple flat bench, a pair of olympic dumbbell handles, and 300 lbs of small plates don't take up much room at the office. I just put up a power cage in my livingroom gym. Commercial, public gyms can kiss my ass, and so can the gear dealers and gear seekers that hang out there. Screw 'em all, I say.

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    i have.

    whats point of this post

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    ..Yea...been ask but.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam.S
    How many of u guys have been approached at the gym asking to get sauce or where they can get it and what is ur normal answer?
    I've also ask too only from peeps in the known...If someone asks you and they're not really known for disccusion of the sauce--creatine, glutamine and lots of protein...'keep it simple'...

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    A guy I was spotting for was asked once...

    This 20yr old kid (looked like 16) came
    over and out of the blue just asked
    "you know anyone who can hook me up with some dbol ?"...

    My bro's answer...

    "You're so M*****-F****n' lucky that there's other
    people around or I would smash your F****n' head in
    with a 45lb plate. If you ever mention steroids within
    100ft of me, I'll tear your face off and cram it up your ass"

    (He was on Fina and Halo at the time)

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    Yea, actually i have. but it has always been someone that has something in common with me, besides juice. Usually someone in the same social circle as me that recocognises(sp) me from a party or a member of the same frat or something. we start chatting out of respect for each other. and If you ever notice you can tell pretty quick when some one juices, not because of the body but because you share alot of common knowledge. after a while you just start talking about juice, and sources , it just happens you don't even notice.

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