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    Clomid and eye problems

    HI guys,

    I will try to go straight to the point and save your time......


    1. Anyone knows anything about Clomid and possible permanent eye damage ( I know about the accurance of blurring vision during its usage, but will it disappear after the drug intake?)

    2. Please help making up a cutting cycle...I am thinking about oxandrolone, winny, and deca . please help with dosage and post cycle (clomid) stacking.....

    goal: to get leaner and with quality muscles as SAFELY as possible...I don´t plan to get huge anymore...

    Below more details regarding the origin of my question and my past experiences with roids if you have the time to read, Thanks again

    3 yrs ago I did my first and only cycle : equipoise 300 mg and test 250 mg on the begining..up to 500 at the end...clomid and nolva post cycle...I had an allergy reaction to sulfa and had to take cortison (catabolic) while on the cycle. Around 4 months after that I took accutane and today I have keratoconus (cornea disease) and glaucoma (optical nerve problem) (both in a beggining stage). No one will ever know what triggled my eye problems, I´ve decided to take roids again but I am of course concerned about possible eye problems. I would appreciate any comments. Now I want to do a cutting cycle, with low side effects.

    Age: 27
    weight: 84 kg
    height: 1.70 meters
    high blood pressure from time to time: from 120/80 to 140/90

    goal: to get leaner and with quality muscles as SAFELY as possible...I don´t plan to get huge anymore...

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    i get temperary vision probs from clomid and nolva
    but its never been permanent.

    I would discuss it with an opthomologist before
    taking steroids , or any substances, since you
    already have issues.

    Not worth deteriorating or even losing your vision
    just to gain or lose a few pounds

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    Thanks for your reply

    Thanks for your reply. I have talked to my opthomologist about the steroids , but I forgot to mention the ancillary drugs, and I am not sure if he would know much about it....I thought to ask about it in here since most of us have used it before. You see, we are taking this drugs in much higher dosage than medically recommended plus...clomid is indicated to induce female is likely that my doctor will not know much about it other than what is specified on the drug description. But I will try it anyways, thanks again,

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    Deca and oxandrolone - anavar cycle


    Thanks guys.

    1.Is there any other drug that can jepardize my eye´s health that I should know about it?

    2.I guess anavar , deca , and winstrol are safe as far as the sight,right? Any other suggestion for post cycle for me (safer on the eyes)?

    3.Could you guys help me make a "cutting cycle" using deca/anavar specifying the post therapy and any other supplements and "protection drugs". PS: I know deca is far from ideal for cutting cycles, but I know deca and oxandrolone are for real since I can buy at the pharmacy here. Winstrol I would have to by on the black market...I thought about just drinking it since, if it is fake and contaminated with some bacteria, I will most likely to just throw up...but 2 orals ( oxandrolone and winny) I think it would be too much for my liver....what do you guys think? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank a lot! Great site;very helpful members!

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