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    Important questions from Newbie

    Hi, I am a 21 year old college soccer player who is thinking about Juicing in preparation for the upcoming season in August. I have one year left and I want to go out with a bang. I know what some of you guys are thinking and yes! i have looked all over this place for hours on hours for information on the benfits and negative of taking steroids .

    I am just about sure that I am going to juice unless you guys can come up with some reasons great not to. I am not worried about being drug tested because our school is division 2 and they never drug test.

    I only have 2 months and not alot of money so I am not looking to do a super stack. My goals are to cut down by body fat alot, its in the upper 20's to lower 30's, to gain some speed and endurance and get stronger in the legs and upper body. I also have a recurriing dislocating shoulder problem that I need to get alot stronger real fast.

    I was thinking about an injectable Winny only cycle. i know alot of you guys are aganist winny only but i have read from the guys who tried that it does some great things with little to no side effects which is kind of big for me. If you think something else would do better let me know. I am 5'9, 180. I am of average build and my 6 pack is gone from drinking the last couple of months and i want it back. I want to get down to about 170.

    I was wondering what you guys think about my situation and if you have any suggestions it would help out this life changing decision alot. If you have any opinion at all let me hear it! I am open to every suggestion. I need Help!!

    Thanks and this forum is the best thing on the internet! Sorry for the long post but this is so damn important!
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    lol im not telling :D
    using juice to cut eh?
    try diet/proper cardio much more effective i assure you.

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    if you class limp dik as no sides go ahead mate!you could be lucky r you willin to take the risk?

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