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    BB Competition question and Passing the Drug Test

    My friend has his first competition coming up in september. He has been asking me what he should take pre contest (he is in his cutting phase) but im just not quite sure the best method of attack for a number or reasons such as pct timing, drug testing, etc. SImply, someone told him to use a water base since it gets out of your system quickly. The water bases that i am familiar with are test suspension and winny, but this guy seems to think that he can get prop into a water base. I have never heard of that and think that with the prop ester, that would cause a problem...correct.

    Simply, what is a good pre contest cut stack leading up to the comp while knowing that he is going to get tested. Just a general idea would be nice as i can figure out and fine tune the rest. His cycle experience is limited to test prop, clen , and t3. Im pretty sure he has only done two cycles.


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    How about prop and var up until three weeks out........then switch to suspension, which he can drop three days out.

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