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    supp question - no response in that forum-any help apppreciated

    hey i am currently taking Members Mark OMEGA COMPLEX. it is natural fish oil, flaxsee, borage and safflower oil pils. i take 3 a day. I know many people take flaxseeds by themselves. i wanna buy a bag of that but is it neccessary because i have all the omegas and fish oils and flaxseeds i need from the pills right? will too much of that be bad for the body??

    also anyone know a good brand of tribulas to buy? at gnc they only have Tribulas-Pro i think the brand name is BodyTech or something. Also anyone have good results with the new sly stallone test booster..Isotone i beleive its called.
    also i want to start taking some amino acids. should i get pills or liquid and if i buy that do i need l-glutamine because that is already in the amino acid bottle. what brand and recommedned dosage???

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    what dosages are the flaxseed and fishoil. for glutamine around 4-5 grams.

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