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Thread: not sure

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    not sure

    wussip guys i just joined this site and it's the shit
    i have a question,

    This is my third cycle my first where test qv and then i took sust and deca

    This time i have access to test aburiaanian iranian i heard it is supposed to be pretty good, but im not sure, and i want to take deca i can get deca 300 from qv or i can get deca norma helles 200. and i have 200 dbols british.

    Which would be the best way to take this stack

    i was thinking

    250mg of test every 3 days
    300 of deca norma a week
    not sure about the dbol never taken it before
    im 290 not sure about b/f fat but its pretty low
    so any opinions would help please
    and i never taken clomid but i have tons but don't no how to take it

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    what's your age/ht/wt/training experience??

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    if you are going to shoot the test E3D then shoot the deca E3D also. the test dose is fine, but i would up the deca to 400mg E6D. stop the deca 1 week before you stop the test.

    with 200 5mg dbol tabs you can take 35mg, ED for the first 28 days

    clomid for pct begining 2 weeks after your last test inject.and running 28 days like this
    day 1 300mg
    days 2-14 100mg
    days 15-28 50mg

    good luck, brother

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