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    Opinions about cycle

    I have 25xKarachi Sustanon , 10xTestoviron(250mg), Enough Deca and Thai Dbols..........Klomid and HCG .
    I wondering how i used test. I have couple of ideas, but witch one is better?
    1. To run hole cycle with Karachi 500-750mg/week?
    2. Run Karachi 250-500mg/week + 250mg/Testoviron /week?
    3. If i buy some Propionate I`m wondering to take week 1-5 propi+Testoviron and week 6-10 only Karachi..............
    I take Deca hole cycle (10weeks)200-600mg/week.
    Dbols i eat first 6week 20-30mg/ed and weeks 10-12 40mg/ed. Then i do PCT.
    What are you think about..........
    And my stats are 27years of age, 220lbs, bodyfat 8%.
    Thank you guys for opinions

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    Getting madcow treatments
    Take sus 500/wk and send the rest to me.

    First cycle?

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    take the dbol for the first four weeks only (50 mg), has no more effect after that. I would run the sus 500/wk, deca 400week and for at least 10 weeks. take the testoviron after the sus is gone and run your test for one to two weeks after your done with deca, then pct

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    Probably i take cycle like that:
    1-10 Testoviron 250mg
    1-4 Sustanon 250mg
    5-8 Sustanon 500mg
    8-10 Sustanon 750mg
    1-10 Deca (I`m not sure how much, but i`m working on it)
    1-5 Dbol (Same thing than deca, not sure about the dosage)
    10-12 Dbol (because test and Deca are still kicking so i think Dboll is very good extra at the end of the cycle)
    Then PCT next day after last Dbol

    Thats what i thinking about.................

    Maybe Dboll is waste of everything to eat it end of the cyccle.....I think i leave it of, end of the cycle. There are still Deca kicking two weeks after the last shot.........Maybe it`s enough
    Quote Originally Posted by roidattack

    First cycle?
    No not first cycle
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    lol im not telling :D
    pyrimiding is as smart as riding your bike into a tornado
    ur just going to flux your hormones and induce more sides w/ 0 benefits.

    if you dont know abut deca research
    IMO run it no less than 12 weeks @ 300-400mg wkly i would never use it, i never touch any dirty(bloaty) gear

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