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Thread: My next cycle

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    My next cycle

    This will be my second cycle. My first consisted of Deca and Dbol and only lasted for 6 weeks (then pct), i put on about a stone and have been quite happy with it. I know it was a weak cycle but i didn't think i wanted too many gains. I have changed my mind now and would like to put on quite alot more muscle. I'm 26, 14st and 15% body fat.

    Ive heard that test e is the best to do. I am planning on doing 500 test e a week for 10 weeks.

    Is this ok or should i mix it with some deca or something?
    What pct should i do and for how long? Did clomid last time
    How much nolva would i need?

    Sorry for all the questions guys

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    take the test for 12 weeks with 20 mg nolva ed.

    do a search for pct,there is plenty of info about it at this site.


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    yes test e would be a good cycle to run
    500mg weekly for 10-12 weeks split into two shots,start your pct 14 days after last shot of test,solid.

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