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    Deca is helping the joints

    This is week #5 of Deca @ 300mg/week and I am def. noticing my joints are pain free. Also - because my diet is very clean im still leaning out (thanks to T3 and GH) in spite of the Deca.

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    so deca does really help the joints then? my dad recently had his 2nd(i think)shoulder surgery where they shaved his rotary cup(i think) cuz a few years back his x b!tch his him with the door of her car wen he fell out cuz he was drunk n they was fightin so i was wonderin if should give him my xtra deca(deca qv200 10ml) and do u all think that would help him cuz he still n pain on the shoulder frm the surgery which was about 2-3 months ago? so wat r ur alls opinions? thanks

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    EQ does the same thing for me by relieving joint pain.

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    deca does the job, fo sho.
    eq, ive heard.. works well for tendons and so on, joints alike..
    kinda like lubricators..

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