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    Question Can you flush your system for a test?

    I have been taking Test and Tren and i may need to take a test, i was wondering if their is anything you can do to flush your system for a test besides having the "oil change". I have heard there is a shit called suregel or something???? Any help is good. Thanks

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    Scroll out of this thread, and look to the top of the page.. Cleanse in 5 days, not sure how it works,, let me know if you give it a shot.

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    there are otc products i know of tha clear the system of drugs like pot and coke, not sure if they would mask gear though.

    if your getting a standard multi-color drug test for a job than u dont need to worry about the gear. if your getting tested specifically for steroid tho than u need to investigate a way to mask it, like i said the gnc drinks can mask a lot of drugs for a piss test, but im no expert, i just know a bunch of my friends used to pass their mandatory probation drug tests by drinking them a few hours before the test.

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