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    cycle help.............anyone?

    lets say that i had a bunch of stuff.....and a couple jintropin 100iu gh kits....what would be the best way to use the following:

    2 jintropin 100iu kits
    200 5mg BD d-bol
    5 testoviron
    5 kirachi sust 250
    4 5ml bottles of delatestryl (made by Theramed, its 200mg/ml human grade enanthate )
    1 bottle of uni vet suspension (20ml)
    10ml deca
    10ml equipoise
    1 bottle cytomel
    enough liquidex and nolva on hand to not have to worry about much estro problems

    stats: 5'7, 6-8% bodyfat, 178lbs, 3 cycles beforehand.

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    youre better of making youre own cycle and the post him up for any comments on it, cause no one is gonna make a cycle for you.

    whats youre age? cause 2 jino kits is'nt much,hgh needs to be run for atleast 20 weeks so that would be 2iu 5on/2off wich is'nt a high dose esp if youre in the early 20's.

    so research and then post a plan then we will give some adjustments if neccesery.


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    Did you have a plan when you bought the gear? What are your goals?

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