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    Tren alone? what about Revalor?

    estrogen is needed for muscle growth duh so if tren is used alone and doesnt conert to estro and your normal test is suppressed and you have no estro will using tren alone be pointless?

    Im asking cuz that other version of finaplix , revalor-G, has some estradiol in it. Would this be better if the tren is being used alone?
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    Never used tren , but from what Ive heard and read (Anabolics 2005) Tren should not be used alone. The book says because tren is not nearly as potent without the use of another aas. It says for bulking use dball or drol with it, and for cutting, well, I dont remember what it said. It may have been winstrol , but for some reason I dont think that would be a good combination.

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    tren should not be used alone imo because of 2 reasons:
    1. very hard on htpa
    2. harsh sides
    because of this, running test with tren is a must

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    against popular belief the "Mind of ross" would hhave thnik this is a good cycle!

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    ive went through a cycle of tren alone a while back, i didnt get any harsh sides but also didnt get much results either. it was kinda like super NO2 or something. I had strength gains and hardness but nothing to brag about. i will never use it alone again.

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