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Thread: Water Retention

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    Water Retention

    I just switched from test e to test p. Since it takes test e about three weeks to kick in does that mean that the water retention won't reduce for about three weeks?

    Also, if test e takes three weeks to kick in and test p starts kicking in almost a day does that mean for the first three weeks of test p I am actually in a sense doing more test than I think?

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    try creatine to avoid water retention bro

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    lol im not telling :D
    test E takes about 5 if not more for some peeps...
    wow you shoulda researched this eh?
    and creatine usually causes water retention as well i would rec either Nolva or an AI

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    Yeah, I couldnt really see how creatine would help you to retain less water but, hey, whatver work for ya.

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    creatine binds to a water molecule to enter the cell and when the bond is broken that is the energy realease that MAY give you one more soon as you come off creatine its all gone.. and your left with the gains you may have got from the one or two reps gains while on

    creatine... PFFtt


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