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    2 questions for someone- P.S-TRIB RULES!!

    hey guys 2 things

    1st of all i just wanna say that trib rules! i am an idiot who doesnt have test in his cycle (just winny 50mg eod and deca 300 mg 1nce a week) anyway my test levels are down as well as my sex drive. i have deca dick and my balls are absolutely killllllllllling me besides from the fact that my sack has become hard wrinkley and small my nuts are really hurting. i feel like i have been kicked in the balls bad all day.

    i went to vitamin shoppe and bought some Nutrex Vitrix. I took half of the rec. dosage which is 6 pills. in about 10 minutes my balls stopped hurting and my sacred case of raisens softened up. I am not sure yet about how the trib will affect my workouts and my strength levels but as far as the suppressed level of test it def. helped out immediately!

    second i bought L-glutamine from HDT. The serviing recommends 10 grams a day for the first 7 days and 20 grams a day for days 8 through 42. Off phase 2 weeks then repeat. anyone have experience with this brand of l-gutamine? will higher dosages of glutamine be more beneificial? and when do u reommend i take the servings.. it says when u up it to 20 grams a day to divide it so i guess 10 when i awake and 10 b4 bed??

    ok more more question. i am very interested to start taking flaxseed. i am a little confused about which kind to take.. Pills/liquid or that actual seeds?? currently i am taking OMEGA COMPLEX by "Members Mark". Each pill is 1200 mg and it contains natural fish oil, flaxseed, boarge and safflower oil. I take 3 a day as recommended.
    is this enough or would it be too much if i started taking flaxseed. i know alot of people take the seeds, how are those? and how do they benefit you? what about the liquid fish oil?? Is what i have enough or would it be okay to buy some more flaxseed.

    any help appreciated. thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlexEm13
    I took half of the rec. dosage which is 6 pills. in about 10 minutes my balls stopped hurting and my sacred case of raisens softened up.
    In 10 minutes, not only are the pills not even DISSOLVED yet, you wouldn't have any such effects. Prescription drugs don't even work that fast.

    Glad your mood is on the up and up, but the trib thing working as you stated..............well...........


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    Glad I have never experience what you are going though. Alway run test with those compounds, you don't want to be impotient later down the road. Plus test kicks with deca , great bulker

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    I use the one with seeds
    I scoop 6 teaspoons of flax into a bowl and then pour 1 and half cup of boiling water on it then wait 5 minutes and then drink the flax seed.(the flax seed will now be as creamy as egg nog)Taste ok

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