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    Death of a Viking

    Do you guys remember a couple of years back when the big DT Kory Stringer of the Minnesota Vikings dropped dead one day in the middle of a training camp practice session? Did anything ever come to light about the "supplements" he may or may not have been taking? Just thought about this after reading a thread about clen and chest pains. Scary sh*t.

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    his wife sued the vikings and their training staff for negligence. had nothing to do with supplements.

    the pitcher from baltimore died with an extreme amount of xenadrine in his system which led to the ban on mahaung and all prohormones.

    your health is nothing to dick with, drop the clen .

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    Kory Stringer died because his body was so friggin overheated. It was durin a brutal heatwave in the midwest, the temperature was in the mid or upper 90's if memory serves, with a heat index well over 100 degrees. He had a lot of nausea and was pukin for periods well before he died. He kept goin cuz he didn't wanna seem like a "pansyass". His body couldn't take anymore and just flat-out shut down. The autopsy showed that his liver and kidneys and other organs were WAY above normal temperatures. I remember hearin all this very vividly when it happened. His death had absolutely nothing to do with any substances he may or may not have been taking.

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    i remember that story. It was insanlyhot when it happend. Football is so brutal though, in regards to water and what not. it's hard as hell to go with all that shit on, it'sl ike sitting in a furnace. The fact hat water breaks are far and few between doesn;t help one bit either.

    in regards to the clen ? i've used it but to each his own. Gotta be smart about it, dont; oveload yourself. remeber to take your supps with it and drink plenty of water, also laying back on high intensity cardio will help to decrease chances of heart related sides. Im not saying go out and do it but educate yourself bout it, tons of guys on here have used it with success

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