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    getting a legal prescription

    are those sites that you see that you are paying to get a legal prescription scammers.

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    most likely...are either really $$$$$

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    Some are some arent. Oasis for example isnt, but you have to jump through some hoops to get that prescription, but dont trust most sites like that, id say a good 99% of "Source sites" out there are total crap anyways. If you can find it on google, dont waste your time.

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    bro check this out this dude will take your blood somewhere by your home for100$ then a doctor will write you a script for test c 60$ 10 mls you can by 6 month at a time.... the only thing is that they custom compond there test which means they make it out of natural stuff, yams I think. check it out though.4real

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    The board sponsor (Oasis) Is legit, do a search to see what others who have used them say.Not enough juice allocated/mo for me to think about it but can work for some.

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    I went through an anti-aging clinic online and got a script. The whole process only took about a week including getting my blood work drawn.

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