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    1st week of cycle, slight tear in pec....

    Sup guys,

    I just started my cycle this past sunday and today I was benching and felt a bad pain in my pec major right at the arm pit. I had taken three weeks off chest to heal, and it was fine last week when I benched and then it flared up again today. I figured I will just take a low dose of aleve for the next five days and see if that helps. Just wondering what you guys would suggest as far as doing chest. I am thinking very light dumbbell bench that I only lower as far as I can before I begin to get pain, and I will continue to annihalate my triceps. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you did infact tear your pec, your not going to do anything but damage the muscle by doing any exercise that involves your pecs directly/indirect. Your best bet is to back off until its 100 percent healed, or you will risk injuring it more.

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    get a MRI scan done to see what has damaged.
    you should have done that immediatly cause if it recuired surgery it would now be too late.


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