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    Hmm good news but it brings up a ??

    I got my gear today, and got TT deca 300MG instead of the 200MG Brovel I ordered. So my question is, should I go with 300mG a week or 600 a week? I'd rather it be one of thos so I can just do full CCs. My stack is like this

    Week 1-4 40MG D-Bol ED
    Week 1-10 400MG Test E.
    Week 1-10 300 or 600MG TT deca
    Week 13-15 CLomid 300mg day 1 100MG 10 days 50mg 10 days

    Nolva on hand if needed.

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    take 1.5 cc's which is 450mgs and that would be a fairly high beginner dose imo

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