So I've decided to come off my cycle. It was the longest one yet, almost 20 weeks. I was on some winny to cap off and slice up some gains, but after much thought I've decided to stop all the anabolics and hit up the clomid once again. I've already told my girl I was starting clomid and she's not thrilled because she knows what it does to me. It just makes me so depressed and miserable sometimes, but I know it's much needed so I'm gonna suck it up. After the cycle I must say that IMO 20 weeks= too long. The first 12 weeks were good, but the gains began to stop after that and I felt as if I was just putting juice in me for nothing weeks 13-20. If anything, all it did was help me maintane a little better. The cycle was 15 weeks of prop and tren , 13 weeks of EQ, clen , T-3(weeks 13-17), almost 4 weeks of winny towards the end. I know my test levels are down lately. I feel so lethargic and depressed lately, hardly even feel like training but I force myself to go. I dont know how to exactly explain it, but I just feel "out of it" all the time, like a drugged up/depressive feeling. So today I stood there and stared at my clomid and my bottle of winny for a min or so and decided it was time to call it. It was very tempting to start my next cycle right then and there as I have all the gear on hand. So now it's 3 weeks of hell with the clomid, I'm wondering if Tribulus will help out my mood at all on the clomid, any suggestions?