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    prop/tren combo doesn't hurt?

    I just shot some prop/tren combo, first inject of this cycle, into my right bicep. Strange enough, it doesn't hurt... It's 100mg prop/100mg tren per 1ml, so you would think that it would hurt like a bitch with that concentration but it didn't... it hurt 10x less than my 100mg tren 1ml homebrew inject alone. I can't even feel it. Kinda sketchy. Its made by anabolic pharm. I am starting to taste the tren in the back of my throat so it must be legit.

    BTW: don't to synthol. I haven't juiced in quite some time and my bi's are still chopped full of scar tissue from that shit, it'll probably never go away w/o surgery.

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    I heard that shit is painful. Myabe you are lucky and dont react to prop?

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