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    Question lose weight before cycle?

    Hello, 1st post
    I am considering doing my first cycle sometime this summer but I am hesitating alittle due to my body fat, possibility of water retention, and how these two will look while I am on the cycle. I was originally planning on a standard dbol /test cycle but now I'm considering a test/eq.
    My body fat is around 15 percent.
    My first question is if i were to due a 4 week dbol/10 week test E cycle i know i will get bloat, but while on the cycle will my body use some of my stored fat as energy?
    If not or not much considering the high amount of calories I will be eating will a Test E/EQ be better for a more lean look?
    I know i can always cut after my cycle, but i dont want this belly when the fall semester starts in august. Should i just get as lean as I want before i start my cycle.
    Thank you,

    Stats: 6'3" 220 lbs Lifting knowledgeably for 2 1/2 years
    Bench: 305 lbs
    Squat: 355 lbs
    DL: 375 lbs

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    I'd work hard & cut hard, tryin' to get down to around 10% or so first. If you're happy with your look now, in regards to fat, then cut now & then with your big eating and such, you'll feel better about how ya look come the end of your cycle.

    Good luck! Doin' the same thing myself.


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    i would say bulk up first and get as big as possible, then around week 8 add some winny until week 13 to harden you muscle and cut some fat. also add clen at the end of your cycle to cut your fat. no matter how lean you get before your cycle, you are going to get bloated using dbol and test, cant do anything bnut take nolva and that only helps a bit so juss suffer through and and enjoy the results after. youll be more satisfied

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    u shld check out the diet section b4 u even think of using gear. if u are concerned now about your body fat and such, just wait till the dbol and test bloat u up.

    y not put the same energy u wld into gear into a STRICT cutting diet?? u need to have your diet on point b4 using gear anyway... so start at the begining... while u r cutting on the diet do your homework on here.. this way u will know what u r getting yourself into.... jmo

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