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Thread: Cycles****

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    for steroids like test e and deca d i was going to take each in 500mg doses is it better to split both of them up so 4 injections total, at 2ml each / or can i shoot 500mg at 4ml at once?

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    I would like to know as well.....I want to take 500mg test-e and want to know if it's better to have 1X500mg or 2x250mg. I have heard blood levels are better 2Xweek but test-e is rated at 10-14 day deliverery so I have doubts whether it should be 2x/week

    What about if I add EQ @ 400-500Mg, like poster above, so 4 ccs? better 2x shot 1/week or spread to 2xshot/week?

    First, what if test-e by itself @ 500mg?

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    Canada Ehh...
    best split into 2 shots.
    runn the test 100mg higher that the deca ...ex: monday and thursday 250mg test/200mg deca

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