Alright guys ive decided on a cycle but i just have a few questions.
My cycle is going to be as follows. This is my first cycle so im trying to make it count. And im not gonna start till i ge everything right.

Dbol weeks 1-4 30 mg ED
Equipose weeks 1-10 300 or 400mg????(What do you think????)
Ethanate weeks 1-10 400mg
Clomid week 13 300mg 100mg 50mg(you know how it goes)
Milk Thisle or ALA while on Dbols

My questions are these???????????????

1) If i run liquidex at .25mg ED weeks 1-13 should i still have to worry about gyno?

2) IS running the liquidex a good idea, or should i just get some nolva and use it only if i have too. And if so how much would i need every day?