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    How much of a difference would a mild oral make at end of cycle?


    Im doing test prop 60mg ED right now. Going to be running for 12 weeks total.

    Its my first injection cycle, and though I was sure it was a good idea when I first started it, I keep reading now abuot how much of the gains would be lost.

    I expect to lose some, but Im thinking of running turinabol at 60mg ED for the last 6 weeks of my cycle before PCT.

    Will this make that much difference towards keeping gains? Or is running the PCT perfect all that matters?

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    proper pct and diet will contribute to how much gains you wish to maintain. You may loose a little due to water retention, but that's inevitable.

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    run some anacar at the end. that would help you keep your gains. in you PCT take tribulus with clomid and nolva also maybe even add in some creatine

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