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Thread: Nutty or not

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    Nutty or not

    I just concluded a 16 week cycle I ran for a bb show which consisted of:
    Test E-800 mgs/week until six weeks out from show,
    Eq. @ 600 mgs/Week until day of show,
    100 mgs ed until three weeks out from show,
    And the last three weeks I ran Halo, winny, and Fina in relative doses.

    Now that my contest is over(placed third with approx. 22 contender in my class) my experience leads me to believe the best size and strength gains are made in the following weeks of hard dieting.
    So I began running omndren @ 750/ week for the next 8 weeks along with my HGH. Does any one think this is too nutty or just what the doctor ordered.

    Yes all the ancillaries are present throughout my cycle, so please no redundant replies, because newbie does not always mean new to the game.

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    750mgs per week of omna's is about what you'd need to keep your blood levels consistant. And some people believe shooting it ed is better.

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