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    does anyone feel like this post cycle?

    I just got done with a test/EQ 500mg each for 14 week cycle. Good gains in the gym. lost a lot BF and gained about 9 lbs. Good cycle. It has been a week off and i'm doing clomid pct.
    I feel like i lost all my gains even though I don't weigh any less or lift any less in the gym. I feel like my skin is not the best complexion as it was on cycle. I feel like i wish i was married so I can have a girl to come home to and not have to make an effort to get laid. Even though I love being single and seeing a bunch of girls. My muscles don't feel as full. It sucks.


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    Very typical post cycle depression. Just keep your cals up and keep hitting the gym.

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    Your mind can play with you during the crash phase of PCT. Some like to blame the clomid but I think it's just due to your hormone Yo-Yo that we go through with PCT. Hang in there, keep the cals up and lift hard like Mbrasso said. It will all pass in a few more weeks.

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