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Thread: Slpitting doses

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    Slpitting doses

    I for my next cycle am running
    deca 300mg/wk
    test e 500mg/wk
    now my questin is should I do (example)
    300mg deca monday
    500mg teste monday
    150mg deca mon
    250 test e mon
    150 deca thurs
    250 test e thurs
    I think the latter would be the best for keeping blood levels up what you think??

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    hckykrt91 is offline Associate Member
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    first off 300mg deca is not enough you need atleast 400mg and dont just shoot it all at once. break it up. shoot 200mg deca monday and 250mg test e monday and do the same on thursday

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    lol im not telling :D
    yeah man put them in same syringe .. no need to make more holes than neccessarry...

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    yeah... u r gonna wanna do the test e twice a week, so i wld split the deca also and load in the same syringe.... i m doing a similar cycle next week...
    and i m splitting the test and deca(tue morning-fri nite)...

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