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Thread: Vials

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    Hello guys,

    I just recieved my order of IP oils. Now that I have them I have to run them through a filter and heat them for sterilization. My question is what size vials do I use. I have 50 ml of test E and 50 ml of tren E.

    ***.com sells presealed vials in the 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 ml sizes. Is it OK to use (1) 50 ml vial to accomadate the full amount of oil, or do I need to break it up into smaller vials since I'll be using them as multidose vials.

    All help would be greatly appreciated.

    THank you for you help and time.

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    your better off using smaller vials. If you use the 50ml vial you'll be poking it so much that some of the rubber stopper will most deffinately get inside.

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    good luck with your IP gear, I personally have heard horrible things about there products.

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