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Thread: amp breakin!!

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    amp breakin!!

    I have used amps b4.... With the amps i got now when i go to open them the tops break up into a millions pieces of glass. Is there anything I can do to prevent this problem..... Do you think that if glass gets in the amp when i draw it into the needle it can get into the needle or its not possible. Thanks

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    get an amp opener from

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    Quote Originally Posted by kfont12
    get an amp opener from
    Then get a bic pen from Walmart. Score the amp, put the top of the Bic pen over the pointy part of the amp and pop that sucker off.

    If you are having too much trouble with the amps, send them to me and I will research the problem.

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    I use my girlfriends steel nail file, do it evenly on opposite sides of the amp and it should just pop off in your hand with no sharp bits. With reagrds to taking glass up in the pin id have to say that it depends on the gauge of the pin you use, presuming your not using some massive cannon then i doubt it. Just be careful and take your time, spend a little extra time scoring the amp and you'll have no problems.

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    get a sharpie marker cap put the amp i it and only the part yhat is going to snap off will be sticking out.use a poer towel and snap the top of fast and your done.

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