whats up guys, im now in my 10th week, and am lookin the best i ever have imo. my original course was:
1-8 100mg prop ed
1-16 800mg eth /wk
13-18 50mg winny ed.
at about week 6, i hit a wall and remained at the same weight til end of week 8 when my prop finished. so i decided to change esters and threw in 100mg tren a ed wks 9-16. only being on the tren for 9 days now, i am a true believer that changeing from one fast ester to another can be very benficial. im posting this as i previously asked th q would taking prop wks 1-8, then tren a 9-16 b better than just taking one or the other for the full 16 wks. IMO, yes it would.