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Thread: D-Bol

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    is SDI labs D-Bol a good choice and if so is it necessary to take 6-OXO or other with it to restore testosterone ? i appreciate any good information yall can give, thanks.

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    Dbol can be a good choice is you decide to stack it with some form of test. 6OXO is garbage, for that matter, any OTC estrogen blocker is garbage. Educate yourself a bit about that subject at hand, you'll be much better off in the end.

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    yea testsubject is right but nonono on sdi labs dbol . look closely at their bottle, dbol on their bottle is a trademarked name its not even a steroid only a supplement. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this, it is not anabolic or androgenic . This compound is a derivative made poorly to mimic the effects of a real steroid, its pathetic. A good rule of thumb is any company that can legally sell it especially here in the states it is not steroids or they would line the walls at GNC. trusst me, i have taken the stuff before it is nothing like the d bol you hear and see the guys talking about on this forum, they are two totally separate things. get a reliable source and dont waste your time with SDI labs, they are based out of florida and their products are just not all that good IMO.

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    nomore1324 hit it right on the head - the SDI Labs stuff is a scam, a legal scam too. They take some supplements and make them look like real steroids with steroid -like packaging and names. But really they're just supplements, maybe protein pills and vitamins. Don't get suckered into buying that stuff.

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