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    Just Did A Prop/tren Shot Got A ?

    Last night I did my first Prop and Tren shot i did 1 cc of each and today my glute only hurts alittle when i tighten up and sometimes when i sit, does this mean my gear might night be good or is the pain different for everyone cause i thought Prop and Tren were supposed to hurt a lot afterwards. By the way it is not my first cycle so i have done injections before just not Prop or Tren. Thanks

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    lol im not telling :D
    its dependent upon the BA% there bub
    i never hurt from prop shots...
    100mg Tren ED?! that might be excessive for first time trennr.. anyways good luck

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    have you ever done just prop before.... prop for me my first time i was like paralyzed the next day in each site day by day till about week 3... then it was just a good knot... this is my 2nd cycle of prop and well it just knots up a bit with slight pain... if you never did prop before i would say the uncomfertable feeling is from that.. prop is known for its pain. but then again some dont experience it.

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