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Thread: cutting cycle

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    cutting cycle

    ugh my friend keeps going to a dumbass source who tells him to do anadrol only cycles and not to worry about PCT.

    anyway this friend of mine is 5'11 185, bf maybe 16-17 been lifting for 5 years, hes not a smart guy and is thinking about doing a winistrol only cycle, and he said he could take the winstrol orally. first of all, i havnt done much research but i know you shouldnt be drinking that shit, its an injectable. anyway i told him i would help him come up with a good cutter. he wants to stay around the same weight but with a lot less bf. here are some ideas i gave him, what do yall think?

    Tbol 1-4
    test prop 1-10

    winny/clen /var/?? cycle

    and ill figure out the correct PCT and Mg/day at a later point. can anyone give me some advice on their favorite cutter cycle? once again, your help might help save this guys ass, since he has wanted to do an oral only cycle. any comments/ scientific evidence you can tell me about how bad oral only cycles are would also help, since ill print this out and send it to him.

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    you can drink winny but oral only cycles are crap

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    hey new to this wats tbol stand for ?

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