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    very frustraTED....and dont know what to do

    these prop shots are killing me, ive taken about 6 shots i think.... and my pain in my ass is pretty damn bad....i went to the gym tonight got thru squats and had to leave, now the irony is that i am seeing myself get bigger and cutter and substantionaly stronger and i am going for my quads next site for my injection and well see from there i get back on thrusday but ne help is apreciated bros

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    imo - if your only injecting in ur ass, and no other spot - maybe ur injecting in your ass to often - and its a sign you need to move around the injection sites, especially with prop (ed/eod).

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    Bro, I share your same dilemna. I am taking Golden Triangle Prop 100mg/EOD and am on Day 16. I stuck my left buttock very slowly on Saturday. I still cannot even bump the car door with my left cheek without pain. I wish I had an answer for you. I have used aspirin with success to keep my body temperature normal. But, the swelling, redness and soreness have become worse with the second time I hit an injection site. Are you using Golden Triangle? If so, what lot#? My results have been decent. But, I am definitely going back to Eq next cycle.

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