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    first day update!

    my arm still feels like it got hit by a ****ing baseball bat !(tri inject) but other then that i feel fine, i went to the gym and did back and bis, i almost feel like i can feel it working but it might all be in the mind but i was more intense today then i can remember but i had to quit bi's after a shorttime cause my tri injection was ****ing with my exercises however i did them good enough. Hard to feel if i feel any pain in my nipples yet to start my nolva im considered just taking 10mgs a day just in case cuase my pecs hurt like a bastards from ripping them open yesterday so i doubt id notice anything in them...anywho just thought id throw in a update! and how long does it normally take for this so called "test high" to kick in?

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    It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for test to kick in...
    You doing test 250?
    you doing shots Monady, Thursday-250 each day?
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    Geezer i love that GD Avatar to death.... it kills me everytime i see it.!

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    why would you do your 1st shot (ever) in your tricep ??
    you should start your nolva(if your gonna run it) 2 weeks prior to cycle to let your blood levels build up...not saying you need it,i dont use it.

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