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    albuterol and clen

    I use albuterol to treat asthma flair ups, and a trainer I know told me that cxlen is the same thing as albuterol..??? IF this is true, would clen be less effective for me? I always come here for the truth!!

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    Your Beta receptors will be downgraded from your chronic use of albuterol (which is very much like clen but with a shorter half-life), so if you started taking clen, it wouldn't be as effective as if someone who didn't take albuterol took clen. CuttingEdgeMuscle sells Albuterol, if anyone's interested.

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    clen and albuterol/salbutamol are related but not the same. try getting albuterol tabs ~ 8mg and dosing 2x/day...they're supposed to last 12 hrs and possibly prevent your flare-ups while burning fat.

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