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    does this logic work?

    I didnt have ace almost at all during cycle.. Now I am like 6 weeks off cycle and suddenly acne breaks out. I do take tribulus 4 G a day. Its not that bad but I was just wondering why did this happen. If acne has to do with fluctuating test levels will the fact that I am prolly getting my own test production back to normal cause sufficent fluctuation in test levels to cause acne.. My nuts swole up pretty much simultaneously with the acne, which also support this theory... Please enlight me if I am totally off..

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    is common to get acne when you get off steroids . exspesh when you just jump off and dont slowly come off.obout your nutts i dont know what you were takeing but some hcg or clomid wouldnt hurt.

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    i alway's break out the third week into clomid shit happen's bro

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    Sounds like you answered your own question...good luck

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