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    hows this cutter?

    prop 1-12 75mg ed
    t3 1-12 100mg ed
    ecas 1-12 3times day
    epherda 25mg
    caffeine 200mg
    asprin 81mg
    syneburn 20mg

    ketoifen- 1mg weeks 3 5 7 9 11 12
    proper pct

    diet 2200 cals carbs only pwo and ppwo

    i would have thrown eq and maybe winstrol but im low on the money now

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    Remember, your diet is really what constitutes "cutting", not the AAS.

    I like carbs, but complex carbs most times, except immediately post workout. Then, no carbs a minimum of 4 hrs. before bedtime.

    Figure your BMR and go 500-1000 cal below maintenance. Make sure you eat clean, and incorporate cardio at least 30-45min/day.

    Working pretty well for me at least.

    Good luck!


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