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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    ok so im about to go on my first cycle, im kinda disappointed cause im under some serious time constraints and dont have the time to do a long cycle, do to the fact that in less than 2 months ill be on vacation and then school again. so time is not really on my side. im taking a 6 week cycle i know that its short but its the only window i have to work with.

    Deca -d 500mg every week except for first and last, which will be 250.
    every monday and thurs.

    test-e will begin 1 week after deca injections so that my pct will line up better. ive read it stays in your body 1 week less than deca.
    and this will be the same as deca-d: 500mg every weeek, except for first, and last. -injections every monday and thurs.

    nolvadex 20mg per day for 9 weeks

    hcg 5000iu will be consumed around 5th or 6th week, i kinda need pointers on this, i want it to line up so i can start pct on time.

    clomid 50mg per day for 3 weeks (my pct) with nolva.

    then maybe clen , for 4 weeks starting my last week of injections. im not sure on this one yet, i need to do some more research!

    B6 200mg daily

    and i might buy some Animal paks. what do ya think?
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    If you've only got 6 weeks, I'd ditch the Test E and run Prop. It's a kick in the because of the ED or EOD injections, but it's the only way you're gonna get results. After 6 weeks, you're just gonna be really goin' with the Test E. The prop will act faster and allow ya to get better results, since you can only do 6 wks.

    Just my thoughts. I'd also just leave the Deca out, maybe incorporate some Dbol for 4wks.

    Good luck!


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    worthless cycle.......prop at 6 weeks, maybe...but ditch the enanthate and deca ........if you're not gonna cycle right, you shouldnt be doing it at all......6 week cycle with long esters is going to be retarded

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