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    second cycle advise

    just started my second cycle with test/deca /d-bol. I was wondering how much liquidex should i take during the cycle? Isn't it the same as nolva? Thanks you guys..

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    in answer to your question they are both differant but if you are going to take liquidex i would run it at .5 mgs ed.

    nolva is a serm (selective estrogen receptor modulater) and does not lower estrogen levels but blocks estrogen from getting to the estrogen receptor.

    liquidex is an AI (aromatise inhibator) Aromatase inhibitors prevent the conversion of androgens into estrogen in fat, muscle, breast, and brain.

    if you are still confused read the sticky on the pct forum.

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    .25 should be good to go.
    10 mg nova a day aslo
    200 B6

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