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    Injection Site Soreness/Bruising

    I've done several cycles before. Always testosterone enethate and always injecting into my glutes.

    The other day I tried testosterone cypionate for the first time. I had some questions about the lab it was from because I couldn't find anything about it online. Anyhow, I did the injection like normal (aspirated and got a bubble), but afterwards it bleed for a bit.

    Now some 2 days later I have a quarter sized bruise where the injection was and area is sore.

    Is this normal? Is my gear bad or did I just give myself a bad shot?

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    the blood you must have nicked a vain on the way out

    you will more than likely fine bro but if the pain last's for 5 day's i would go and see a doc.
    what was the lab name pm me if you wan't to keep it off the board

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    yes, it's normal to bruise when you bleed like that...

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    Just the fact that you bled more than usual when you pulled out means you probably nicked a vein. The bleeding beneath the skin will cause bruising and discoloration. Just make sure it doesnt become reddish and swollen, that could be something else.

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    The name of the lab is LGL - LetroGen Labs.

    I've been able to find nothing on them.

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