I was 8 weeks into my 500mg per week TE cutting cycle when I tore my left bicep, that was 5 weeks ago and its still not healed. After I tore it droped down to 250 a week until last week I decided to end my cycle. I started physical therapy yesterday, the PT told me it could take up 3 months to totally heal. By ending my cycle I hope it doesnt take longer to heal. I am starting to get some tension back in the muscle, but it still feels like I have a ghost muscle in there, I really cant feel it. It depressing, I have little motivation to do anything, I am doing cardio and doing legs 5 days a week, but I have to fight to get myself up to go. Usually, I am trying to get into the gym as much as possible, I like working out even if its just for the sake of working out.