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    10 Thoughts on Posts & AAS

    This is another post I made on another board. Thought with all the posts over the last couple of days, it might make sense here too.

    It's funny. Well, really it isn't, but I gotta laugh about somethin'. I work long shifts, at least 48hrs. straight, which takes me away from the boards for a while. But when I get back, I've been noticing the same trends on a lotta boards. And, yep, it's summertime, so the young folks are comin' on, wantin' to get cut for their summer vacation while they try & get a li'l of Mary Jane Rottencrotch.

    I'm gonna break down a few of the trends I've noticed, and give my thoughts on them.

    1) A lotta guys, younger guys especially, post the same question over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    As their thread count increases, rather than listen to the advice that has already been given to them because they don't like it, they post again with things like "Just tell me what I need and I'll quit posting these questions." Sorry, blackmail doesn't work on me. And although I don't have "Vet", "Mod", or anything designated by my name, I still feel a certain amount of accountability and responsibility for the response I give. If I'm wrong, or if there's another tried & true way of doing what I suggested, then I wanna hear about it. I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong, and some of the best friends I have came from a debate on the proper way of doin' things. So, asking your question a million times, so someone will just ignore the fact that you're 17 and give you an answer to shut you up, isn't gonna work. Plus, if you WERE to get advice from someone without knowing the details, or to shut you up, would you really feel safe in taking it?

    2) A lot of guys seem to think that AAS useage is the way to rebound from an injury that they suffered.

    Comeon guys. You got that big beforehand without AAS. So what makes you think that you're gonna help yourself by introducing a foreign substance into your body to build muscle? In quite a few cases, you'll actually make things worse, further injuring yourself, and end up lookin' like you need to benefit from one of those infomercials about the starving kids in Ethiopia. Use your head, rehab yourself properly, and then begin your research into AAS if it's something you wanna do. But, see # 1 also.

    3) I've noticed too that a lotta folks wanna use "a friend" as the subject of their inquiries, in order to avoid the flaming associated with their own ignorance.

    Folks, dumb is dumb. In your research, have you often wondered why these substances are illegal, banned, and overall have a negative connotation? Well, because of idiots who are looking for a shortcut, idiots who don't wanna take the advice of Vets, Mods, & others who are looking out for them, we all suffer. We're regulated to black market sources, risk of imprisonment, and overall ruin because some 15 year old wants to look like The Incredible Hulk, but he doesn't wanna listen to those who have been there/done that.

    4) The Infamous Dianabol Only or All Oral Cycle

    "But all the old school bodybuilders did it!"

    If you heard that all the old school bodybuilders cut off their penis in order to retain all their gains, would you do that too?

    Orals alone are a bad choice. Period. Many are 17-alpha alkylated, allowing them to survive the first pass thru the liver. This important feature, although a benefit for muscle building, also creates a strain on the liver. So, useage is limited to short times. And, the big bulkers like dianabol or anadrol , while providing large gains in a short time, provide not much more than a small muscle gain with a large water gain. Stop taking the med, lose most to all of your gains. They have a purpose, research & use them appropriately!!

    Those that aren't known for their water retention properties aren't generally known as mass building drugs. Sure, you'll gain 5-10 lbs., but they've got their own sides, and these gains are probably something that you could have done naturally to begin with. Plus, each of these have their own associated sides, so they're not "safer" just because you're not sticking yourself with a needle.

    Lastly on this one, if you got your advice from anyone with "Ross" in their name, take this advice: He's an idiot. Move on & research more.

    5) People are looking for the best steroid to help them cut.

    The best steroid I've found for cutting has been around for years. It's not a big long chemical name, it's not an injection, or a pill. It's called CARDIO. You stack this with PROPER DIET, and it makes one of the best cutting cycles around.

    Steroids used in a "cutting cycle" are used to maintain muscle mass during a period of caloric defecit.

    6) Big Pancho is an asshole.

    Yep. Hear it all the time.

    7) People have researched "extensively", but can't find out if Deca is a good cycle for a first cycle.

    There's a little button on most forums, matter of fact, I can't find a forum it ISN'T on. It's called the "Search" button. Click it, type in "Deca Cycle", and I bet you find some stuff. Also, you'd be suprised what you find if you type it into Google.

    8) Steroids are cheating.

    Yeah, sure. Show me one person who grew lean muscle while taking steroids and not busting their butt at the gym, and I'll show ya someone who's lying. Most who take AAS seriously, not the newbie who thinks they're a magic shot or pill, will tell you that they train HARDER during their cycle, but also that they've always trained HARD to begin with.

    9) Why can't I ask for sources on a board. We're already talking about steroids?

    Why can't you ask? See # 7. But, in a nutshell, these boards are OPEN BOARDS. Would you want to risk your family and your freedom by telling a stranger that you've got 10 lbs of crack in your basement? These guys have families too. Plus, steroid useage is illegal. We only roleplay on these boards, and I've never used any illegal substances in my life. Just creatine, protein, and Cell Tech!!!

    10) What makes Big Pancho an authority on anything?

    NOTHING! I'm not an authority. I've got some experience, I've got some knowledge, but it's all subjective. The point of this part is this: Don't take one person's word on anything. If you've got ten people telling you that this is how it works, or this is how you should do it, that's one thing. But taking one person's word, when others are disagreeing or debating it, isn't smart. Do your research, ask questions that you cannot find the answer to, and be prepared for the answers you get. Then, research those answers, look to those who have been there, and absorb it all before you start making decisions. I'm kinda funny about my cycles. I research usually for 2 years before I move on anything. But, I've been researching for a while, and have a few cycles planned already, so it's not that I take off long periods of time. I do at times, but not due to all of this.

    For the younger folks, here's another link to an article I wrote. My advice is to read it and consider all the points made there.

    Get Cut for your Summer Vacation?

    No one is out to keep you from building muscle. Bodybuilders and those who use AAS remind me a lot of a brotherhood, and all have some form of bond. I'd rather help someone out than flame them, but sometimes a good flame is what someone needs to make them think about it. Do your research, listen to the bros, and if in doubt, PM someone for help.

    Good Luck!


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    Good post.

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    So true

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    "In a Nutshell", well done.

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    sometimes my thoughts exactly good post!

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    True dat!

    Great Post BigPancho

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    The only thing I will say is you may oral only cycles don't but they do. Anavar only is descent cycle but expensive and a tbol only is even better and cheaper. But yeah this is a good post a**hole.

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