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Thread: sore nips

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    sore nips

    i went motocrossing last weekend and at the end of the day my nipples where so sore taking my b-6 and nolva every day with my test,deca cycle and 2 1/2 weeks nips were sore all week especialy when they get hard ect. they almost feel like they are raw..just the ouiside hurt ,no lumps,bumps ect..there just now feelin back to normal..should i be worried ?/was thinkin my chest protecter and shirt were rubbing alot on my nips and it was damm hot so i sweated alot..maybe this contributed to the soreness but it never happened before..are they just a bit more sensitive while on this gear ?/ any idea ?? thanx all

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    If the sorness continues u may want to increase the nolva or pick up some letro...kinda sounds like the chest protection from riding caused this, but i'd keep an eye on it...

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    agree'd with dherb.. how much nolva and b-6 you taking bro?

    bump b-6 up to 200/mg every day and nolva up to 60/mg every day until sides go away then drop nolva down to 20/mg everyday



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