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Thread: baldness, gyno

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    baldness, gyno

    hey guys just wondering, if im doing sustanon at 300-500mg/week, is it pratical that gyno may occur, or thinning of hair (if im prone to it). thht no is all assuming that ill be doing 20mg Nolva every day and have clmoid and nolva for pct.And also, how do i know if i will experience male pattern baldness at some point (right now im 20 and need a haircut every 2 weeks cause my hair grows so quickly and thickly, so should i consider take finasterdie

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    You will be just fine thats not a veary high dos. and you will know if your thining youll have hair in your bed and shower.guys say nizoral shampoo helps 2.

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    like the man says - you'll know if you're losing it - I personally would get some finasteride - it's pretty cheap. Once it's gone it's pretty much gone so prevention is the best option

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